You may find the letter below a bit long but there is a reason for that. If we could explain this in a paragraph, it would only be a paragraph. But it can’t be described in a paragraph. You are about to make some important decisions. We wrote this to assist you. For years we have watched people just like you enter the business without really knowing what they were getting into or how to actually plan and prepare for the business. It is difficult to watch people spend the time and the money and make the commitment but then end up struggling for years to attain success or worse, leaving the business altogether a short time later. What you are about to read is real world real estate from two owners who have been in brokerage over three decades, 25 of them in education. We have had over 44,000 students take over 120,000 classes in the last ten years alone! Click on the image below to read The Story of Real Estate!

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