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When choosing to receive your education live and in the classroom, you benefit from direct access to experienced instructors as well as a community of students to share and exchange information with.

Online Self-Paced

Online Self-Paced courses are supported by instructors to help you master the material, and are available to answer questions by phone or email. Start and stop your courses whenever you want. Courses provided by The Real Estate Business School (Austin Institute of Real Estate) #701045.

After Completing Courses...

File Your Application

Once you have completed your courses and received Certificates of Completion, submit the following to TREC:

a. Application for Inactive Salesperson License;
b. Salesperson Sponsorship Form.
c. Both Forms can be found on TREC’s website at: http://www.trec.state.tx.us.
d. Copies of Certificates of Completion (DO NOT submit the originals).
e. Required fees.

For complete details and instruction, click here.

Prepare for your State Exam

Do this by taking our comprehensive Exam Preparation

For those seeking a Real Estate License, this course will prepare you to PASS THE EXAM and begin selling Real Estate across the state of Texas. Sign up today!

Receive Your License

Now that you have your license, it’s time to grow your client base and build your business!

Getting your license is necessary, but it’s only the beginning. Buyers and Sellers don’t care about your technical knowledge as much as they do about your ability to market and sell on their behalf, negotiating the best terms, and do so with speed and precision. For this, you need business and financial skills.