How to Get a Texas Home Inspector License

There are three Real Estate Inspector License levels, and two ways to get there. Apprentice Inspector, Real Estate Inspector, and Professional Inspector licenses can be obtained through either the Three-tier Progression Path or the Education/Experience Alternative Waiver Path.

The Three-Tier Progression Path has the applicant complete each of the licenses (Apprentice, Real Estate, and Professional) in order, as well as their corresponding exams.

Three Levels of Inspector Licenses - Two Paths to Success

There are three levels of inspector licensure:

  1. Apprentice Inspector - (Level 1)
  2. Real Estate Inspector - (Level 2)
  3. Professional Inspector - (Level 3)

The Three-Tier Progression Path:

The applicant must complete each of the three inspector licenses (Apprentice, Real Estate, and Professional) in order, as well as their corresponding exams. For an overview of how to complete each level of licensure, expand each of the license levels for more information:

Apprentice Inspector License

Real Estate Inspector License

Professional Inspector License

You can also visit the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) page about the Three-Tier Progression Path to Inspector Licensure for more information.

The Education / Experience Alternative Waiver Path:

The Education / Experience Alternative Waiver Path allows an applicant to substitute additional education or experience for the requirement of each licensing level. Therefore, with the appropriate amount of education or experience and education, a person can apply directly for a Real Estate Inspector or Professional Inspector license.

Please Note: The education requirements for each license must still be satisfied regardless of which variation is chosen.

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