Wayne and Lynn Morgan, co-owners of the highly regarded Austin real estate school known as The Austin Institute of Real Estate, purchased the school in July 1989. Using their experience and expertise in real estate sales, management and training, they became owners who understood what agents needed to be successful in the business because they personally listed and sold properties, managed a large real estate office, both became brokers and also invested in real estate. So they just didn’t talk about real estate. They have actual experience in many aspects of real estate.


They realized that the Texas Real Estate Commission requires agents to learn the technical information about real estate, i.e. Principles of real estate, contracts and agency, which are very important; however, buyers and sellers require you to have an additional set of skills. Sellers and buyers are not as concerned about you knowing the difference between accretion and erosion, or the difference between condemnation and eminent domain. Sellers want to know how you are going to market their property, can you negotiate on their behalf and are you worth the commission you charge.


Knowing this, Wayne and Lynn initially worked in their business, creating and teaching Texas online real estate classes that would help agents be a success in the business rather than just helping them pass the State Examination. The Austin Institute of Real Estate became more than just a licensing Austin real estate school. It became the Business School for Real Estate Pros and, from its inception, used each real estate class to help the professional development of its students.


“It is our belief that the more successful we can make our students, the more successful we will be. As agents become productive and successful in building their business, they honor us with their patronage and come back to us for their renewal, continuing education, personal development and coaching courses. It’s truly a win-win situation.”

Lynn Morgan, co-owner

Austin Institute of Real Estate


The Austin Institute of Real Estate continued to grow and expand their real estate class offerings. They added online real estate classes and partnered with St. Edward’s University Professional Education Center to offer correspondence courses which they now offer across the state of Texas.


In 2006, we purchased a building which was totally renovated and expanded and is the current Austin location for the school at 8828 Research Blvd. Our market share of live courses continues to grow. Co-owner Wayne Morgan continues to teach Marketing, Business Building and Investing courses throughout the year. In addition, he offers a Business Building and an Investing coaching program once a year for those people who want to take their business and investments to a whole new level.


We feel very grateful to the brokers and managers in the Austin area who continue to refer their people to us and to those who join our live and online real estate classes every day. We also are grateful for a great staff who are our team members and do an incredible job of counseling our students through the licensing process and beyond.


And of course, we continue to be grateful for our terrific team of instructors who lead our real estate class offerings. We are proud that they continue to actively list, sell, and build their businesses and that they are willing to share their expertise and experience with our students.