We are in the process of upgrading all our courses to comply with the new TREC rules that went into effect January 1, 2016. Some have been completed and others are being made available as soon as they are approved, so check back if you do not see the courses you want. The new rules that apply pre-licensing students AND licensees are: 535.62(b); attend class for the full clock time of the class, not to exceed 12 hours daily 535.62(g); (refers to online courses) all courses must have a validation process to ensure the student seeking credit is the student taking courses and 535.62(h); all exams must be proctored.

To comply, we implemented an online proctoring tool. This will NOT add costs to the course and you will not have to travel or search for a proctor. In fact, we have added more content to our packages; TWO business-building books, our Business Blueprint™ and FREE bi-weekly business building tele-classes (starting August 22). We hope you enjoy our new delivery method, the ease-of-use site and the enhanced business-building curriculum. Thank you and good luck in your business!

Technical Education

Your new life starts here. We guarantee that you will pass the licensing exam, but that’s just the beginning.

Business Education

In order to be successful within the Real Estate business, you need to operate like a business. Start your business education now.

Financial Education

Create your WEALTH by investing the profits from your business into low risk, high return properties.

The Key to Success in Real Estate is in

3 Simple Steps:


Get Your License

In order to get licensed, you will need a TECHNICAL EDUCATION, which is acquired through your coursework. However, your license guarantees you nothing. The courses you are required to take in order to GET your license are very different from the courses you will need to KEEP it.


Build Your Business

The purpose of a BUSINESS is to give you your ideal life. Our BUSINESS COURSES will show you how to work less, make more, put it on autopilot and enjoy your life.


Invest Your Profits

Financial success comes from a FINANCIAL EDUCATION. Build long-term wealth by Learning to Find, Analyze, Acquire, Rehab & Manage your own cash flowing property portfolio.

Real Estate is...

THE best business in the world!

There is a path to the top of the business. Our curriculum was designed, created & modeled after the most successful tools, strategies & formulas you need to know to get there yourself. All you have to do is FOLLOW THE FORMULA.


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